Birthday Parties in Lake George, New York

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WE do ALL the WORK … YOU have all the FUN!

Birthday Parties in Lake George, New York at The Fun Spot! The perfect place to have your child’s birthday party!  One of our party coordinators will organize the whole event for you. They will have your party room set up before your arrival time with Happy Birthday themed plates, cups, napkins and a Balloon Bouquet centerpiece. Your party room will be available to you for the first 1 ½ hours of your party while your child and their guests gather to celebrate before the activities of the day begin. There will be containers for your guests to keep their belongings in throughout the party. You will get unlimited Drinks / Juice and Snacks while in your party room along with a birthday meal consisting of Pizza, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers or Chicken Nuggets (one food item per party, unless there is a food allergy). At the end of the party room time, your child will enter our Party Machine for their chance to win dollar bills and coupons. Whatever they get into the collection box, they get to keep! All of our party package prices include 8 guests. The birthday child and his / her parents are always our guests. If you prefer, we can even supply you with a Martha’s Ice Cream Cake ($29.95 plus tax), or you are welcome to bring your own cake or ice cream for the party.
We now offer Glow Birthday Parties! All the table decorations glow under the black lights while laser lights dance around the room. The birthday child receives a special flashing “It’s My Birthday” pin and each guest receives a glow necklace, glow stick, glow bracelet and a flashing cup to take home with them. The Fun Spot, a great place for birthday parties!

WE do ALL the WORK… YOU have all the FUN!



“Thank You for Making My Daughter’s Day So Special!!”
*T. Grant*

“Always Great, That’s Why We Comeback Every Year!”
*A. Kelley*

“Great Place! Great Service!”
*S. Lawless*

“The Hostess Was Excellent! This Was The Second Year In A Row She Was Our Hostess.”
*T. Smith*

“My Daughter’s 7th Birthday Was Great!!!”
*R. White*

“Great Party Experience! The Hostess Was Incredibly Helpful!”
*T. Stanco*

“Hostess Was EXCELLENT!! Didn’t Expect Such Great Service. The Party Was A HUGE Success!”
*K. Caudill*

“The Hostess Was Great!! She Made Our Party Beyond Enjoyable! This is One Party My Kids Will Not Forget!!!”
*J. Livingston*

“Great Job! Thanks for making our girls day special”
*A. Byron*

“It was PERFECT”
*C. Kilinski*

“Awesome! Loved that they made note of gifts too! Wow!
*J. Quirk*

“We will definitely book another party here! Plus, the price was good too – kids had a great time!”
*K. Hosler*

“Everything was great! …DJ very interactive with kids; party hostess very attentive.”
*R. Weeden*

“Great party – thank you for making it fun!”
*C. Jennings*

“Hostess did excellent keeping things running smoothly”
*W. Singer*

“[Our Hostess] was awesome with the kids and very friendly!”
*Coralie C.*

“We had a great time. Our hostess was fantastic. I can’t think of anything that would have made it better! Thank you.”
*Billie O.*

“[Our hostess] was an outstanding hostess. Friendly, accommodating, knowledgeable, pleasant. She made the whole party experience enjoyable.”
*Chris N.*

“Amazing staff!”
*Ashley R.*